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I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Turin, a Research Affiliate at the Collegio Carlo Alberto, and a Research Fellow at CEPR and CHILD. I received a PhD in economics from the London Business School in 2005 and a Master of Science in Economics from the University College London in 1999.
Recent Working Papers and Work in Progress 
  • "The Impact of Markup Regulation on Prices", with Christos Genakos and Pantelis Koutroumpis.
  • "The Demand for Adoption", with Alex Tetenov.
  • "Occupational Licensing, Labor Mobility, and Entry Standards", with Paolo Buonanno.
  • "Identity and Pricing", with Pascal Courty.
  • "Occupational Regulation in the European Union", with Amy Humphris, Maria Koumenta, and Edward Timmons.
Publications (See also my personal page at IDEAS)
In the Media and Policy Reports
  • Microeconomics, University of Turin, (Klips).

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